Mid March Blog Update – All About Ducts

Welcome to the mid-March update.

Today we’re going to be discussing ducts. Quack quack. No, ducts, (not ducks). Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself. Of course our regular visitors know that we are such kidders here, but I hate to think of what first time visitors are thinking. LOL

Well, enough beating around the proverbial bush. It now gives me great pleasure to bring yo the work of Billy Lane, one of the planet’s lead expert of HVAC ductwork. When are ducts needed? When can you get away with ductless systems? (And furthermore, even if you could, the larger question is; should you opt for ductless systems, in general?

ac ducts aka ac pipesGreat Advantages Of Ducted Air Conditioning


Regardless of whether you are buying an air conditioning system for the very first time or perhaps you are deciding to upgrade it, it is very crucial to understand some options. With this, it is very critical to ask some questions and locate the right answers to these. Few owners would also want to discover some of the advantages of using reversed cycle air conditioning system. While other homeowners look to the bottom line which is the reduction of energy costs through the selection of the right systems for their homes.

In this kind of conversations, the advantages of ducted air conditioning system usually crops up, considering the familiarity of the use of such systems in lots of homes. This kind of system makes use of an outdoor unit that is connected to an indoor unit that can either be placed on the floor or on the ceiling. With the use of a series of flexible ductwork placed strategically in different parts of a house, warm or cool air is evenly distributed through vents.

Plenty of homeowners opt for this kind of air conditioning system for lots of reasons. Below are some of the advantages of this system offers:

First and foremost, this system will allow properly conditioned air to be effectively distributed in different parts of the house. Homeowners can likewise create various temperature zones in the property by making use of electric controls.

As opposed to its counterparts within the market, this system is among the quietest. This is particularly significant to those who live near neighbours who need a quiet space at home to work, and those who are easily disturbed by the faintest amount of noise during sleep.

Among the major disadvantages of its counterparts is that they stick out like a sore thumb in a room. Ducted air conditioning is preferred by lots of homeowners because it can be concealed with the grills which are mounted on the ceiling or floor as their only visible sign.

Apart from all of these, the system is also suitable for a wide range of properties because of some options. They can certainly come with capacities between 7 to 27 kilowatts. They can likewise be installed in newly built homes and older properties, with the only major requirement being that there must be sufficient space on the floor or ceiling.

Aside from the energy efficiency gained from the ability to control where the conditioned air flows, lots of homeowners opt for this system because it can also increase the value of their property. More information mentioned here.

If you want to know more about the advantages of this type of air conditioning system, visit this site.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Billy_Lane

Special thanks to Billy Lane for guest blogging for us today, all the way from his home base over at EzineArticles.

As you know, your Central Heating & AC Rotherham editors feel like every page on the Internet should have a video. Were happy to announce we are doing our part today.

Please click the video below for more enlightenment on HVAC ductwork.


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HVAC Blog Update – AC Certification And HVAC Load Calculation

HVAC Blog Update – AC Certification And HVAC Load Calculation

Welcome to another installment of our HVAC blog. Today we will be looking into HVAC load calculated, as well as discussing what it takes to become and AC repair technician in the 21st century.

Your Essential Guide to HVAC Certification


What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and the sector covers residential as well as commercial properties. Fortunately, it’s a sector that keeps growing in the USA – these days most new buildings have climate control systems included as standard – so there’s always lots of need for new people to train in the HVAC industry.

As heating and air-conditioning systems are complicated and pricey for companies and buildings to install and maintain properly, having the right HVAC certification is one way you can mark yourself apart from other candidates.

Is HVAC certification essential?

Basically, yes. In all but a very small number of states, you must be qualified to practice as a technician. This goes to show how drastic the consequences if a heating or cooling system goes wrong. And it’s another reason why HVAC certification is vital.

What does a career in HVAC involve?

A career in HVAC means taking training to be a skilled technician. It involves being familiar with computers and electronics, plus the actual components that make up complex heating and cooling systems.

Is it easy to get HVAC certification?

Depending on which state you want to practice in, HVAC certification varies. Generally speaking though there are four main qualifications:

  • Type 1, which you need if you want to work on small heating systems or small appliances.
  • Type 2, which you need if you want to work with appliances that are medium to high pressure, ie commercial and domestic air con and heating. This type of qualification is also associated with how to dispose of these systems.
  • Type 3, which you need if you want to work with commercial refrigeration systems that are low-pressure.
  • Type 4, which as HVAC certification goes, covers the most. This means you’ll be able to work on all systems.

Does it take long to qualify in HVAC?

Again, this varies depending on which state you live in. But usually the training lasts between six months and two years (this changes depending on the level of qualification you’re going for).

Training is possible as distance learning, which means you can take your modules from your computer at a time that suits your schedule.

After training, the next step is finding an apprenticeship with a licensed HVAC company. In some states, you might be required to do this for two years – in others, this could see you tied up in an apprenticeship for as much as five years.

Can I do an apprenticeship and training at the same time?

The usual route in to the sector is to train first, then find the apprenticeship afterwards. But if time is of the essence, there is often the possibility to do both running concurrently.

A good place to seek extra information is the organisaztion Air Conditioning Contractors of America. They may have details of sponsored apprenticeships.

Finally, it’s time to take a state license test. That’s the last step to becoming a qualified HVAC technician. Congratulations – your hard work has paid off!

Bonnie loves writing about all sorts of issues, including how to get a head start in a career in heating, ventilation and cooling and HVAC certification. Read more at http://www.hvactrainingguides.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bonnie_C_Latman

We, at Central Heating (& AC) Rotherham would like to thank Bonnie for her vital contribution. Hopefully, some of our readers will go on to become air conditioning technicians..

Now, with no further ado, Talyn85 spills all his goods when it comes to calculation the size of the HVAC unit that is going to be needed for any building.

This guy is good.

Be sure to watch this video several times until you can really digest the  readings from the ac technician who posted it first to his own HVAC blog, and then to YouTube.

The Ins & Out Of HVAC

Let’s face it. When our AC units malfunction, life can suddenly seem rather miserable. It’s really important to keep the AC up and running. If you can feel it’s not working like it used to, it’s not only costing more to do less, it’s just a matter of time before it quits running altogether. Keep reading this to discover what to do to get your system running like new, and keeping it that way too.

If you want to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently, make sure you replace or clean the air filter once a month. Check the owner’s manual of the a/c unit for instructions on how to clean (or replace) the filter. Never run the unit when the filter is removed and let the filter dry before reinstalling it.

Before you start calling to find someone to fix your unit, make sure you know the type of system that is installed. Learn the brand and the model. The contractor will likely need all of this information.

If you don’t have a good experience with a contractor, let other people, and the contractor hear about. Post an online review. You’ll be doing a public service, and perhaps the company will be motivated to start providing customer service. The contractors Google Plus For Business page is a good place to start, but there are many other sites, like Yelp, for instance that you can also post to..At the same time, you can check reviews online to learn more yourself about what’s available. And to be fair, you should also post positive reviews when you get good service.

Recommended reading is a report you can find online called, The Energy Star Guide. It’s all about keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but without paying a lot of money. The data in that report really can help you get a lot more efficiency from your system and save you some real money.

Instead of just going to Google to search for HVAC companies, take advantage of the experience of neighbors and/or co-workers. They can tell you stories of who you should call and who you should run to stay away from. This way you won’t have to share some of the horror stories they will tell you, and you will save money and a ton of aggravation and trouble.

When your AC unit fan is turning can you hear a sound that clicks? There very well may be something blocking the fan or fans. If that is the case and it is left unimpeded, it might actually bend the blades, in which case, you are going to nee to replace it. You might be tempted to try to unbend it, but that doesn’t work. It just unbalances the blade even more and creates deeper issues with your AC system. It will even shorten the life of your unit.

If you have fans in place in your home to help make your HVAC more efficient, be sure that they’re turning in the right direction. They should be pushing air downwards over the people in the room to help cool their skin. If it’s blowing upwards, all it does is push hot air into the room. I bet you never thought about that. Did you?

Have you considered solar power to help you save money? There are solar panel systems that are manufactured specifically to work with your climate control system. It won’t fully power it, but it can take a sizable dent out of your power bill.

If you’re even not sure which company to call when your AC goes on the fritz, the best thing to do is ask people you know. Some of them will have dealt with AC repair companies in the past and will gladly steer you in the right direction.

AC repairs can be costly, especially when the work involves replacing or fix condensers or compressors. Truth be told, those two items are often the culprit. That is why you need to deal with a company that is no nonsense when it comes to standing behind the work they did. Always ask about their warranty and guarantee of satisfaction.

Find an air conditioner calculator online to determine what models are best for you. If you purchase something too large, you will be throwing away money, even if you run the unit on low. Use the manual to determine what size is right for you.

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system, plants, trees and shrubs are ideal. You can gain ten percent efficiency if you shade your outdoor unit, and that can save you a lot of money in the course of a decade, or even just a year. Don’t crowd the HVAC unit with plants and shrubs so close that can get in the way of air flow, or make it hard
for the technician to work on it.

Make sure that the HVAC contractor you plan to hire does not use subcontractors to do their work. Many people use this as an excuse to shirk their responsibility in the event that something goes wrong when your system is being worked on. Only allow this if there is a note in the contract about what will happen if there is an issue. If the contractor agrees in writing to always be responsible for his or her subcontractors, then there is no issue. (Remember to get it in writing, though.)

Do you know that it’s possible to get free hot water from your AC system? Well, the water isn’t from the system, but the heat can make your household water hot for you in the summer. The heat that the HVAC unit literally sucks from your home can be used to heat up the water with the help of a geothermal device that works with your unit. Saves you money and is good for the earth. Go figure, eh?

Know which direction the house faces so that your HVAC system operates more efficiently. If you strategically place trees, it’s possible to block some of the morning sunlight so your home won’t become overheated. A cooler home means less work for your air conditioner.

Every month clean out the leaves and debris that may have settled into your outdoor HVAC unit. You’ll be surprised at how much gets caught in your unit. Over time these leaves can build up and create issues for your system. Just this little clean up can save you a lot of money in maintenance bills.

Ceiling fans can vastly improve your AC system’s efficiently as well as lower your energy bill, but allowing you to turn up the thermostat yet still be extremely cool. It’s good to have the kind of fans that will rotate both directions. In winter, you want them to move clockwise, which moves hot air from the ceiling down into the room. During the summer, they should go counter clockwise to move the hot air up.

If you are going to use the Internet as a source for good HVAC contractors, you need to be very careful. You never know who is behind the glowing reviews that are posted all over the Web. There is a chance that the contractor is posting their own reviews or paying others to do so.

Do not neglect the routine service of your heating and cooling system. That can only lead to break downs and costly repairs. A little prevention, on a regular basis goes a long way. Keep this article bookmarked or printed out so you can really follow the directions and save yourself a boatload of trouble and expense while insuring your indoor comfort system keeps on making you feel wonderful for years and decades to come.

What Happened To Honesty Is The Best Policy?

More Information

If there is one thing that the editors of Central Heating and AC Rotherham have always been appalled by is the level of dishonesty in this industry, on both sides of the pond. We don’t know what it is about used cars and climate control systems that inspire proprietors toward ill repute, but whatever it is, we don’t like it one bit.

AC repair companies who teach their mechanics to lie about the real problem and tell the customer that it’s a bigger job than it really is, are hurting all of the good companies, as well as their customers.

We can’t imagine the level of contempt in which these dirty rotten rascals go about their day to day lives. Hopefully they have trouble falling asleep at night, but we fear that is not the case.


Call Kurtis Investigates: The Home Repair Honesty Test

“WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With another scorching summer around the corner, you don’t have to look any further than your mailbox for a swarm of deals and specials to get your air conditioner back in tip-top shape. But as consumers ready their homes …CBS Local”



Dishonest HVAC companies make you want to learn how to do it yourself.  If that is the road less traveled that you have decided to take, you may find this short video to be helpful.

 free ac

Somebody recently wrote in and gave us a raving report of All Services Air Conditioning. It’s nice to give some positive feedback in this industry that is increasingly being filled scamsters. 

OK, that’s all for now. Come back soon. Thanks for visiting!




Local Courthouse Is Getting A Brand Spanking New HVAC System

Fort Lauderdale AC Repair reviews

Spring is here, which means pre-summer heat waves are on the way.  Many businesses and home owners are taking advantage of HVAC companies that offer system tune ups.  Of course, the consumer is hoping the $39 tune up is all that will be needed to keep the air conditioning flowing cold and strong all the way through summer, which the AC repair company is praying that they can spot a reason to get the consumer to spend more money for preventative maintanence. In some cases, they will recommend a complete HVAC replacement, like the West Union Courthouse is getting.


Courthouse getting new HVAC system

“WEST UNION – Last week Duff Kindt, project manager, held a meeting with Adams County Courthouse office managers to discuss what to expect as the HVAC replacement project in the building progresses through the next five months. An HVAC Mechanical …The People’s Defender”


To navigate to the full story, click the link above.  It’s important to have an honest company that isn’t just interested in making you spend money that you don’t really need to spend yet. Many times repairs can be done instead of replacing your hvac system entirely, but there comes a point where you are constantly breaking down and paying for service calls, that it just makes sense to bite the proverbial bullet and go for the replacement.


The good news is you can usually get at least 20 years from a new HVAC system.






Many times a replacement is needed, but it’s just for a particular part of the system, like a condensor, motor, coil, etc.  Finding an honest HVAC repair company should be your # 1 goal.



air conditioning system

Central Heating & Air Conditioning: The Hot & Cold Facts Of HVAC


All Services Air Conditioning

Central heating and air conditioning is another way to say HVAC.

What are your thoughts when it comes to heating your home, or even cooling your house or office? How do you feel about heating your garage?  Is indoor climate control for your car park going overboard, in your opinion?

Let us know, in your own words anything you have to say about HVAC, central air conditioning, central heating, or even room a/c and space heaters. Leave a comment, or you can email us directly for a private conversation if you don’t want your thoughts on air conditioning or heating your home or office to be published on such a popular and heavily trafficked website such as this one.

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If you are wondering whether is it better to replace a heating, a/c, or HVAC unit, as opposed to repairing it, there are a number of factors to consider. If your HVAC unit is still under warranty, then you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it, since the company that sold it to you will take care of it for you.

Exceptional Air Conditioning

If your central air conditioning and heating unit is indeed under warranty, then it is not very old, and it is doubtful that there would be a need to replace your unit. That usually doesn’t happen for literally decades after you bought it. HVAC systems are made to last for a long time. Planned obsolescence has not taken over the heating and cooling industry like it has so many other industries.

If your HVAC system is no longer under warranty, it is usually easier on your pocketbook to get it repaired, than to replace it altogether. If it keeps breaking down, it can get to the point where you need to “bite the proverbial bullet”, as they say, and replace your central heating and cooling unit. More times than not, you won’t have to cross that metaphorical bridge for at least 20 years.

We hope this helps. Please check back often for new content regarding the hot and cold facts of Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning.